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    ~ For those of us who have been fortunate to be in the business of design, architecture and art and to have lived in Los Angeles for the past four decades you have undoubtedly crossed paths with, designer/curator, Joe Terrell.  From his curatorial days at the Craft & Folk Art Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, to his cultural appointment by Mayor Tom Bradley as the city's first artistic director from '78 to '83, Joe has touched our lives and influenced our taste and sensibilities in profound and thoughtful ways.  We at Art Center feel most fortunate to have access to the most talented-creative men and women who make up our faculty, professionals in the field and administration. We will continue to influence and educate the designers and architects of the future by producing talented, well prepared young people that will protect, embrace and effect the world's aesthetic.  Joe has brought his experience and wisdom to the center over the years.  We are grateful to him for enhancing our teaching efforts and special projects and hope that he remains a vital part of Art Center's creative pool... (Richard Koshalek/former President for Art Center School of Design and MOCA/LA)



    ~ In as elementary a statement that I could possible express you are an individual not chained to doing the "right thing".  Your personal properties must take and establish a role in creating and reflecting inner properties.  I am more impressed with your true essence and what makes you a gentleman and thoughtful human being. Not so much as the good designer  but as an individual capable of becoming and integral part of my life's program — my appreciation of you always...   Julius, August 1994  (Julius Shulman, Honorary AIA & master photographer of architecture. "I have no idea what this means but it was classic Julius!")

     ~ Joe brings a unique sensibility to his interior projects, seamlessly weaving together a tapestry of furnishings and art.  His background as a curatorial specialist is reflected in the assemblage and display of objects, each carefully placed and lighted to optimally reveal their color, form and texture incorporating the arts as an integral part of his clients homes and lives. AEDG refines rooms down the their essence with not an irrelevant thing in sight...  (Barbara Thornburg, author and Home Editor for the LA Times)

     ~  Terrell is a connoisseur of objects, lighting and spatial harmony.  Like progressive artists and designers throughout the last two centuries, he comprehends the tribal and the modern, the traditional and the contemporary and synthesizes their essence in his work.  Joe's  mastery of joining disparate elements into an uncomplicated harmonious whole is wonderful to see and deceptive in its elegant simplicity... (Patrick H. Ela/art appraiser and former Director/Chairman, Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles)

    ~ Joseph is blessed with an enormous visual capacity.  He has a need for organization and relevance in his spaces, and looks for balance and composition in what the rest of us might consider mundane.  I like his sense of calm, his contrast of stark and soft.  He is not afraid to NOT make a statement, and leaves simplicity alone without forcing his personal mark upon it.  His spaces reflect who he is without being narcissistic, and there is a feeling of completeness in his projects that speaks of him...  (Katrina Mullinax/designer & CKD, Arizona


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