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services for commercial, residential, hospitality and health-care:

[new or remodel construction]

space planning

interior/exterior design

lighting design

landscape-site design

furniture design

art/photography acquisition and curatorial consultation

Upon entering and moving through a space, one should expect to feel something. The idea is to take the environment and build on its integrity or essence. In addition you build from your client's needs and your own design integrity,  creativity and intuition. In our process, space and structure possess integrity when they affect, create function, suggest theatre, support art and life. The elements of design or specifications are secondary to this imagined integrity. Those objects together are minimal vignettes and compositions that communicate and define the traditional arenas for living room, dining room, bedroom, conference room, office, lobby, etc. When the integrity of a space reaches its quintessence through the formidable process of design development, the space becomes the "environment". Lighting is our signature. Only until we have signed our environment with specified lighting do we feel we have completed our responsibilities.  At this point, all appointments become the objects of the environment.  It's not "just a chair." It is now an element that spatially balances,  separates, defines, and most often seats a life to enjoy its surroundings...   jat

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